Santaco Gauteng

We strive to make sure we push our industry forward

Santaco Gauteng

We are the engine behind The nation , and will drive it to the future

Santaco Gauteng

together we will grow the industry and invest our service into others


the South African National Taxi council Is the Apex body of the taxi industry in was established in October 2001.primary objectives is to promote and defend the interest of the taxi operations in Gauteng and protect their interest

Business solution

The South African National Taxi Council is the apex body of the taxi industry in gauteng

Marketing Strategy

The National Taxi Council Strives to make sure that the industry keeps growing ,as we have teams in place to source business opportunities and as new routes for our people and the industry to be diversified

Financial analysis

the South African National Taxi council Aims at analysing all major sectors and implementing our services in those section

Investment Planning

The National Council is Head of all Taxi operations in Gauteng This way we plan on joining forces with our allies and getting long term investment for our services



New partneship between SaTaxi and GoBid auctioneers. Santaco Gauteng being briefed around this business venture.

Meet and Greet with MEC Diale Creating Gauteng Taxi Industry

Santaco hosting October Transport Month with MMC of Tshwane Ms D Silowa with President Of Santaco Mr MA Tsebe and TGNTANta Mr S Monageng